ASPIRE Program: From Field Staff to Business Leaders

Building relationships and working together

At BAYADA, going home means going places. Through our ASPIRE Talent Development and Mentoring Program, you can apply your skills and expand them in any of the following areas:

  • Virginia Steelman

    Business Leadership

    Develop your entrepreneurial skills to eventually lead a service office or division of offices.

    Virginia Steelman, RN, BSN, Division Director

    "When I started with BAYADA as a field nurse, I would never have imagined that I would have the opportunity to oversee multiple service offices in a matter of years. They provided me with the tools, coaching, and development I needed to achieve my dream".

  • Tyke Crawford

    Clinical Specialization

    Become an expert in a clinical specialty, such as geriatrics, high-tech care, pediatrics , or rehabilitation , and share your expertise to benefit client care and employee training.

    Tyke Crawford, RN, BSN, CRRN Clinical Support Specialist

    "My opinion is valued and I truly make a difference at Bayada. Hired as a CNA, BAYADA provided me with the flexibility and support to earn my RN degree. I started as a field nurse, became a clinical manager, and now, I'm a clinical support specialist."

  • Marie Blessington

    Clinical Leadership

    Help lead clinical excellence by developing standards, supporting QA, identifying and developing resources, and mentoring other clinical leaders.

    Marie Blessington, RN, Director of Clinical Leadership

    "While attending nursing school, I joined BAYADA as a home health aide . They provided me with the flexibility and support to try a variety of roles and helped me find the career path that best suited me. I found a home at BAYADA."

  • Latresha Bennett

    Field Leadership

    Mentor and assist peers in the field while providing one-on-one clinical excellence to your clients.

    Latresha Bennett, RN, BSN, Clinical Manager

    "I enjoy the respect of both clients and peers alike. By moving from a field nurse with high-tech skills to a clinical manager, I've dramatically increased the amount of lives I touch. BAYADA supported my goals and made it happen."