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Advance to LPN Scholarship Program

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Achieve the nursing career of your dreams

BAYADA’s Advance to LPN Scholarship Program supports aspiring nurses through a nursing school of their choice. The scholarship program will provide you with tuition expense support, your own success coach, and a job offer with the nation’s only accredited home care nurse residency program after graduation.

Applications are accepted during an open application window. Please complete our interest form to receive information about the next application window opening in 2024.

Please note, submitting the interest form or an email, or contacting your office is not considered an application to the program. You must complete the application process which is available only during the application window. Additionally, employment at BAYADA does not guarantee an application to the Advance to LPN Scholarship Program. 

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What Are People Saying About the Advance to LPN Program?

No health care experience? No problem!

BAYADA offers multiple entry-level positions for workers who have the compassion, excellence, and reliability to care for clients living with significant illness or disability in the comfort of their own home or community setting. 

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Scholarship Program Details

Requirements to Apply:

  • Active employment as a BAYADA caregiver working at least 20 hours per month
  • Enrollment in a nursing program with prerequisite classes complete and a graduation date within 6 to 18 months

  • Obtaining your first nursing credential (not already an LPN or RN).

  • Commitment to work as a BAYADA nurse for at least one year after graduation in our Nurse Residency Program

Program Overview:

  • School Expense Support: We provide a scholarship to help reduce your student debt or school expenses in exchange for a one to two-year work commitment as a BAYADA nurse. The award you're eligible for depends on the time in which you apply and the state in which you reside.

  • Coaching Support: The challenges you face on a daily basis will start to feel less like barriers and more like fuel to keep going. You'll meet with a professional coach at least once per month to do some mindset work and keep your head in the game!

  • Earn While You Learn: You have to be a BAYADA employee to remain eligible for this program, but we understand nursing school demands most of your time, and we offer flexibility in scheduling to keep you earning while you learn. You'll be required to work at least 20 hours per month while in school, which is approximately five hours per week.

  • Cutting-Edge Home Care Nursing Job: Have you heard about BAYADA's Nurse Residency Program? It's the only home care nurse residency program in the nation, and we have a seat saved for YOU! Acceptance of the scholarship includes a commitment to participate in our one-year paid nurse residency program after graduation. You’ll get the training, precepting, and mentoring needed to jump start the nursing career of your dreams!

Not yet a BAYADA caregiver? Explore our job opportunities

Training, mentorship, and 24/7 clinical support are provided, so you know that when you join our team, you are always prepared and never alone.

Explore careers

Start your career here and take it as far as you want to go!

BAYADA employees enjoy job security, caring, supportive teams, and the encouragement to grow into a broad choice of career paths that offer even better pay and more BAYADA scholarship and continuing education (CE) opportunities!

  • LPN Supervisor
  • Registered Nurse
  • Clinical Manager
  • Clinical Educator
  • Business Director
  • Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse
  • Tracheostomy Care, Ventilator Care, and other advanced certifications

The BAYADA Difference

What sets BAYADA apart from other home care agencies is our people. Our people have more than just the skills of a caregiver—they have the spirit of one, too!

We nurture that compassionate spirit and provide opportunities to grow and connect with clients and the wider community. Even when working in the home, our employees feel the presence of their office teammates with them. Whether they are answering a clinical question or checking in to see how the shift went, the office team is just a text or call away.

At BAYADA, our employees are our greatest asset. When they feel exceptionally cared for, they can give exceptional care to their clients—and that's what home care is all about.

Now more than ever, BAYADA can help you achieve your educational and career goals by combining our Presidential Scholarship with the Advance to LPN scholarship program. All caregivers may apply for The Presidential Scholarship, which provides up to an additional $2,000/year in tuition assistance.

* The Advance to LPN Program may not apply to our joint ventures offices or other entities managed by BAYADA Home Health Care. Please confirm with the appropriate leader in your chain of command and/or the program sponsor. The Advance to LPN Scholarship is available wherever there is a BAYADA Nurse Residency Program (NRP). The BAYADA Nurse Residency Program is not yet offered in Colorado, Hawaii, or Maryland.

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See all the job opportunities waiting for you at BAYADA!

a woman sitting on a couch with an old woman a woman sitting on a couch with an old woman a woman in a wheelchair with a nurse
a woman sitting on a couch with an old woman

Home Health Aides & Direct Care Workers

Work one-on-one with seniors and adults in need of assistance with bathing, dressing, and other support activities of daily living.

552 career opportunities
a woman in a wheelchair with a nurse

Licensed Practical Nurses

Work in skilled nursing care with clients in their homes by adhering to established client care plans and physician plans of treatment.

549 career opportunities