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Spiritual Counselor

BAYADA Home Health Care focuses around the universal spirit of faith, hope, and love. These pillars, along with The BAYADA Way , are at the core of your work in hospice care as a spiritual counselor. In this essential position, you’ll collaborate with our multidisciplinary team of care professionals and clinicians to address the unique spiritual needs of our patients during their end-of-life journey as you help them celebrate their lives while preparing for the next step. After a patient’s death, you’ll continue to help family members through the bereavement process. That’s because when you go into someone’s home, you’re a part of their life.

Hospice care is your calling and you understand the complex challenges that arise. That’s why you’re ready to support patients and their families in any way that you can, no matter what their need may be. Everyone you’ve worked with speaks passionately about what an understanding and caring kind of person you are—and how there is no one better to guide our patients’ spiritual journeys appreciate you.

The difference you can make in the lives of our patients as a spiritual counselor is reward enough. But because we know how challenging your work in a BAYADA Hospice position is, we’ll support you with competitive compensation, strong team collaboration, and a positive work/life balance. Most of all, we’ll offer you the chance to perform meaningful work.

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Here at BAYADA Home Health Care, we offer a full continuum of care that extends all the way through the hospice journey. Our BAYADA Hospice team has a special purpose—to help people at end-of-life and with advanced illness experience comfort, grace, and dignity. In a hospice position, you’ll provide comfort during stressful and emotional times for our patients and their families. Our compassionate and reliable multidisciplinary hospice team collaborates with a patient’s primary physician to alleviate physical discomfort and provide emotional, spiritual, and bereavement support. It’s challenging work, but you’ll know you’re making a powerful and lasting difference when you take on a career in BAYADA Hospice care as a full-time, part-time, or per diem health care professional. You’ll receive 24-hour clinical support and opportunities for growth to reward the impact you make on the lives of our patients.

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