Non-Clinical Jobs

Director/Associate Director

You’ll begin each staff meeting by reiterating our core values of compassion, excellence, and reliability in a directorial position at BAYADA Home Health Care. That’s because as a director or an associate director, you’ll not only lead by example, but you’ll ensure we’re all guided in the right way— The BAYADA Way . You’re empowered and entrusted to oversee an individual branch of our business. It’ll be your responsibility to coach, budget, hire, market, and lead the way for home health care. It all adds up to putting the best people out there and providing the highest quality client care possible.

You believe in home health care 100%, and going above-and-beyond is just your status quo. The right candidate will hold others accountable, as well as themselves. Your genuine care for clients and employees will shine through in your strong leadership abilities as you help BAYADA to grow and lead the industry to the future of health care—in the home.

There are many opportunities for growth in this highly-valued role, beginning with extensive orientation and training programs, including some uniquely designed for directors and aspiring directors. Our associate directors may transition to directors after one successful year. At every level, you’ll be challenged to hone your leadership skills in a supportive and encouraging environment in order to realize all of your dreams—and help us achieve ours.

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Client Services Manager

As a client services manager with BAYADA Home Health Care, everything you do translates to bettering clients’ lives. That’s because you know that it all comes back to compassion. Whether you’re managing relationships between clients and employees or seeing a referral through from start to finish, you’ll put yourself in our clients’ shoes. And your warmth will come through in every conversation you have and connection you make. In this highly-valued position, your dedication and heart are what working for a company with great ethics is all about.

You know how to talk to people—especially people in tough situations. Your compassion can be felt even across the phone. So when you reach out to our clients, they’ll know they’re in special hands with BAYADA. As a client services manager, you’ll put the client first in every decision you make.

In this position, your growth knows no bounds. You’ll deepen your expertise wherever your ambition may take you with hands-on training, competitive compensation, and a support system in place. And that’s just the beginnings of why BAYADA is a company you’ll stay with as you achieve all your goals.

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Recruiting Manager

As a recruiting manager with BAYADA Home Health Care, you have the unique opportunity to attract and select talent to go to our clients’ homes. That means you’re connecting clients with the care they need by recruiting the best care professionals available. We pride ourselves on the compassion, excellence, and reliability of our employees—and you’ll do everything you can to ensure we maintain the highest standards when you take on the role of recruiting manager.

We’re looking for an experienced candidate who’s organized and a strong communicator. Handling multiple priorities, you’ll focus on building relationships both with our office staff to identify client needs as well as with potential employees.

And all of this takes place in a collaborative environment when you’re a recruiting manager. At BAYADA, we work hard, but we work together, so you’ll be supported in all that you take on and achieve. The possibilities are endless when you grow with BAYADA as a recruiting manager with our career advancement opportunities, unique vision, and competitive compensation.

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As an associate with BAYADA Home Health Care, you’ll ensure we have the best care professionals going out to our clients’ homes. Through hands-on experience, you’ll learn all aspects of managing and growing a caseload and recruiting staff. Partnering with the management team in delivering client services, your efforts will help provide quality home health care while increasing your office’s caseload. By orienting new staff to The BAYADA Way , you will make a direct impact on the kind of care we bring to our clients.

Your strong interpersonal skills have taken you far, but it’s your determination that drives your career. You take great pride in your work as you enable our clients to stay in their homes. The right candidate for an associate position will have experience in recruiting and ambitions to grow their expertise.

We’ll recognize your contributions with a career path to help you maximize the difference you can make in home health care. In a collaborative environment, you’ll find the right kind of support to challenge yourself and learn something new every day.

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Accounting and Finance

In an accounting or finance position with BAYADA Home Health Care, you’ll keep our business well-oiled and running smoothly. By ensuring that our bottom line is always in the black, you’ll do your part in maintaining the highest standards of care for our clients. Partnering with colleagues, you’ll process payroll, prepare accounts payable reports, and receive and match all claims and invoices. By building relationships and providing superior client services, you’ll take your position in accounting or finance to the next level. And what will motivate you most of all is how far your efforts will contribute to our vision.

We’re looking for qualified candidates who are ready to apply their energy and skills to this dynamic and entrepreneurial department. The right person will take great pride in the support they can offer to our employees and clients in this highly valued position. If you have expertise in accounting or finance and a heart for home health care, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

We work collaboratively in accounting and finance here at BAYADA and have a supportive team ready to empower you to make a difference in your career. You’ll be rewarded for the transformative work you do with a career path tailored to your unique ambitions at a stable and growing company.

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Information Technology (IT)

The best parts of a career in information technology (IT) with BAYADA Home Health Care are not just our cutting-edge technology, empowering work environment, or career advancement opportunities—though they’re all part of the equation. What stands out above all else is that our IT team genuinely cares. And that’s what sets our IT department above the rest, especially in the health care industry, which poses unique and multi-dimensional business challenges. When you’re surrounded by top talent on a collaborative team that capitalizes on one another’s strengths, you can make a powerful difference.

Superior IT skills, analytical skills, and experience are mandatory. But first and foremost, we are seeking qualified candidates who are passionate about our mission and are ready to advocate for The BAYADA Way . That’s because it’s a critical role to support the people on the frontlines, out in the homes taking care of our clients. With your sense of urgency and passion about home health care, you’ll take BAYADA to the next level.

We’ll thank you with a robust succession plan and help you to achieve your greatest potential. And our environment facilitates the kind of free-thinking that will challenge you to take risks and grow your expertise. Our competitive compensation packages will help you work and live with compassion, excellence, and reliability every day when you join our IT team.

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Human Resources (HR)

When you work in human resources (HR) at BAYADA Home Health Care, the most rewarding part of your day-to-day work is that it’s built on a special purpose. You’re helping our business to succeed. That means helping individuals who may otherwise be separated from their families to get the care they need—right in their very own homes. And it’s your work that directly impacts our growth and Mark Baiada’s vision to serve millions of people worldwide. The more people you have trained and readied, the more lives we can impact.

The right person for a career in HR at BAYADA will inspire passion about home health care and be ready to grow and build our dedicated family of care professionals. Previous experience in this field will help you to hit the ground running in our exciting and developing company. From executing benefits plans and training programs to empowering our employees to be excellent at what they do, our HR team is crucial to our success.

We’re excited to recognize your efforts by challenging you to achieve your best every day. And you’ll be supported in a collaborative environment where you’re valued for your contributions. Our competitive compensation package, purposeful work, and growing company just scratch the surface as to why it’s an exciting time to join HR at BAYADA.

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Marketing and Sales Management

What if growing a business meant making a real difference in people’s lives? When you launch a career in marketing and sales management with BAYADA Home Health Care, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing each and every day. We’re a leader in home health care, serving millions with compassion, excellence, and reliability. And you’ll help us reach out to more people in need, as you tell our story in the community and apply your energy and skills to our dynamic, growing company.

We’re seeking self-motivated and qualified candidates who understand the importance of relationships and know how to build them. You are also a proven success in maintaining excellent customer service and surpassing referral goals. But most of all, your passion about The BAYADA Way comes through in all that you do.

When exploring your career path in marketing and sales management at BAYADA Home Health Care, we’ll help you to point your career in the right direction. With a dedicated and collaborative staff supporting you, purposeful work, and a competitive compensation package to help take care of all your needs, you’ll find yourself exactly where you want to be at BAYADA.

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Community Liaison

Put down your roots as a community liaison with BAYADA Home Health Care—while helping us to deepen ours. In this vital role, you’ll help us cultivate our culture of community-based offices. It will be your job to embody The BAYADA Way —our core values that permeate every aspect of our company and vision. By increasing our presence in your designated area, you’ll help us to connect to even more clients. That means your hard work as a community liaison directly translates to expanding the reach of our care.

We’re looking for a people person—building relationships with local residents, organizations, and not-for-profits is just the beginning. Your passion will come through in every interaction you have, so people will know firsthand what BAYADA is all about. Keeping the pulse on what is happening in your community, your career as a community liaison means business here at BAYADA.

You’ll never be alone in your efforts as a community liaison. We’ll support you every step of the way with a collaborative and compassionate team. And when you’re this empowered to make a difference as a community liaison, everything else just falls into place.

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When you work in a non-clinical support role, your position may range from director to manager to client services, or you may land in human resources, information technology, or accounting and finance. But at BAYADA Home Health Care, all of these roles have something valuable in common. At the end of the day, their hard work and dedication change lives. Whether that’s from behind a computer screen ensuring we have the resources we need, on the phone with a prospective client, or in front of a potential new employee. Where else can you say you helped make a difference in thousands of people’s lives? That’s why we reward you with a collaborative and empowering environment that offers endless opportunities to advance your career.

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