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Nurse Residency Program

Launch your nursing career with BAYADA's Nurse Residency Program

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Make a smooth school-to-practice transition with the highest-quality, most comprehensive training and mentorship available in the rapid-growth field of home health care. A combination of online classroom, in-person simulation lab, and precepted clinical care will give you the skills and confidence to provide excellent one-on-one care to adults or children at home.

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Nurse residents love our program, with exceptionally high ratings for each of the program components:

Virtual classroom experience

Simulation lab experience

Mentor/clinical coach experience

Precepted field shifts


Our Nurse Residency Program is separated into two parts: Core Training and Extended Program

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This first part of the program gives you the foundation you will need to feel prepared and confident. Working full-time, you will receive six weeks of intensive training, mentorship, and in-home preceptorship as you apply the skills you learned in nursing school.

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Live webinar classroom learning

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Weekly in-person simulation lab training

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Precepted clinical rotations 20-24 hours/week

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Observation of higher complexity clients

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Weekly 1:1 with clinical mentor


Once you’ve demonstrated skill competency in the lab and at home—and feel confident in your abilities—you will begin caring for clients independently. Your clinical mentor will continue to support you throughout this stage.

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Independent in-home practices (with 24/7 clinical support line)

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Ongoing learning activities

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Increasing client complexity

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Opportunities to upskill

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Ongoing clinical mentorship


We want you to feel like a valuable professional and member of the BAYADA clinical team, so the virtual classroom experience is dynamic and allows for a lot of activities and the opportunity to interact with peers.

Your clinical mentor will support you through each step of your transition to home care. The clinical mentor is a tenured home care nurse who will not only provide a listening ear, but they will also give you timely and clear feedback and present you with various scenarios to help build your decision making and critical thinking skills.

Our program is unique because you will be attending your virtual classroom experiences with nurse residents from all over the country! We want you to feel connected to your peers, so you build a network of support! With this in mind, we designed the virtual classroom experience to include a lot of connection points to get to know and work closely with your peers.

You’ll have many opportunities to practice and apply new skills in your simulation lab experiences and while working in the home with preceptors. This will prepare you for daily skill application.

Our program helps prepare you to recognize a change in client condition and respond to an emergency if one were to occur. Although this isn’t common, we want you to be confident and prepared to handle anything! Through emergency scenarios in the simulation lab and virtual classroom, you’ll have the opportunity to talk through the situation and practice skills to become confident in your ability to respond to an emergency.

You’ll have the opportunity to document the care you provide and receive detailed feedback for strategic improvements. And we provide resources to help you manage time during your shift, because every shift may look a little different! Whether you’re accompanying a client to school or medical appointment, or preparing for therapies in the home, time management is critical to ensuring you can complete the required tasks and stay prepared for any schedule changes.

Did you know…

95% of residents complete the program and 100% of those work as BAYADA Nurses!

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Our program also provides a clear pathway to a career full of growth opportunities with a company that values your hard work. We offer advancement opportunities in both clinical and business leadership, with training, support, flexible schedules, and scholarships to help you reach your goals.

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